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I just received my plants and want to know if I should put them in direct sunlight or if they need a lot of sun?

Succulent plants perform best outdoors in good light with protection from frost and midday sun. So morning, afternoon or filtered sun is best. They can be grown indoors in a south or west facing window. If the plants with reddish or purple edges start to fade and turn green or the growth gets "stretchy" then you will know that they are not getting enough light and should be moved to a brighter location.

What type of soil do I use and how often should I water?

When replanting into a larger pot or container, use moistened commercial cacti and succulent mix. If unavailable you can also use 2 parts regular potting soil to one part perelite (sponge rock).

Wait until the soil is dry to the touch before watering.  Depending on your humidity it will probably be about every couple of weeks.


I've had my plants for a couple of months and they are developing fuzzy white stuff where the leaves meet the stems.  Help!

This sounds like your plants have a common pest known as mealybugs.  They can be controlled easily by spritzing with 70% alcohol whenever they occur.

Do succulents require fertilizing?
Feed lightly during the growing season with a mild, all-purpose food if needed to generate some new growth.  In general succulents show their best coloration when kept slightly "stressed" and most have a dormancy period when they like to rest. 





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